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St. Luke's Welcomes Antonio Gallardo

“To achieve God’s vision for the world through efforts promoting social and economic well being, by developing and implementing innovative and sustainable strategies that take into account the specific characteristics of the groups served, taking full advantage of the assets existing within their community, identifying new opportunities, promoting policy changes, designing and implementing plans based on clear goals, working with key stakeholders, and pursuing sustainable investments. With God’s help, I expect to do this by using to the fullest extent the skills and attitude that I have progressively developed along my life and my career, by exercising my ability to convene and persuade people to action, and by producing outcomes exceeding the target goals with that touch of “excellence” characteristic of my job.  I believe in a God that is Love and Compassion, and in my ministry I intend to make that image of God a reality for others.”  Antonio Gallardo

Fr. Antonio Gallardo

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